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Cognizant Leave Policy [2024]

Cognizant Leave Policy: Cognizant is the parent company name of Cognizant India, a major American multinational IT services and consulting company. Headquartered in Teaneck, NJ, United States, the company has approximately 350,000 employees worldwide, as well as a reputation for multimillion-dollar gross revenues.

In this article, we will learn about the various exemption policies offered by Cognizant India, including Earned Leave (EL), Casual Leave (CL), Sick Leave (SL), Compensatory Leave (Comp-Off), Maternity Leave (ML), Abortion Leave, Tubectomy Leave, Child Adoption Leave, and Loss of Pay (LOP) policies with emphasis on the important first aspect.

Cognizant Leave Policy


Cognizant Leave Policy 2023: Cognizant India attaches great importance to work-life balance for its employees, and understands the importance of holidays, which can support a healthy work environment. Let us know the different types of holidays and their rules.

Earned Leave (EL) Policy

Cognizant India provides 18 days of Earned Leave every year, which is equal to 1.5 days in a month. Employees can get EL only if they join the company on or before the 15th day of the month. For example, if an employee joins on 14th March, he will get one day off in the first week of April. But if joins on 16th March, no Earned Leave credit will be available in April.

Employees can carry forward all 18 ELS after one calendar year, but any vacations they do not use will lapse after their time runs out. If the employee submits his resignation letter after July 1, he has the option of withdrawing the ELS money as well. Apart from this, the employees also have the facility to adjust ELS against their notice period.

Casual Leave Policy

Cognizant India offers Casual Leave, which is granted for inadvertent personal emergency or personal time off, as well as to celebrate religious festivals that are not declared national holidays. Employees are given 6 working days of leave in a year, which are credited on 1 January.

Sadly, casual leaves cannot be carried forward to the next year, and if someone does not use the leave, their time expires on December 31. Leave is not allowed to be converted into money, and cannot be used during the notice period.

Sick Leaves Policy

Cognizant provides one sick leave to its colleagues for every woman. For annual leave, the terms and conditions relating to joining dates are applicable for sick leaves also. Fellows get 12 sick leaves in a year, which cannot be converted into money.

Employees can accumulate sick leaves for up to 1.5 years (18 holidays), and any excess holidays will automatically roll over. Sick leaves can be defended after returning to work, but it must be first informed to the reporting manager. If discharge is granted for hospitalization for more than three days, the medical certificate and reports are scrutinised.

Compensatory Leave Policy

Compensatory leaves are provided to complete a necessary part of a project but to do additional work on holidays. Employees have to record the days they work on weekends or holidays in the Leave Management System (EAMS). Manager approval is required to use Comp-Off, and it must be settled within at least 60 days. Comp-offs can also be used during the notice period, but cannot be converted to money and cannot be combined with other leave types.

Maternity Leave Policy

Cognizant India offers paid maternity leave of at least 182 days for the first two children. Women can apply for leave from 80 days in advance on any calendar day that is 80 days before the standard delivery date.

Employees get maternity leave and can extend up to 30 days, but these leaves will not be counted as voluntary maternity leave. To convince, the correct medical certificate or report is reviewed. For subsequent children, MLS is provided for 84 days. All MLs are inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and other holidays declared by Cognizant India.

Maternity Leave Policy

Employees at Cognizant are entitled to immediate leave benefits from the date of miscarriage, for a period of up to 6 weeks.

Tubectomy Leave Policy

Women can take two weeks paid PL in case of tubectomy. But these leaves cannot be taken during ML or MLOP.

Adoption Holidays

Employees can avail up to 6 weeks or 42 calendar days of leave for legally adopting a child. For children younger than 3 months, women can take up to 84 days of paid adoption leave. For the application, the required legal documents and the required number of the Patron are required.

No Pay Policy (LOP)

LOP can be availed due to exhaustion of all available leaves like ELS, SL, CL etc. These holidays cannot be changed with the future or shared on account of current working hours.


Cognizant India shows its concern for the well-being of its employees, for which it provides an employee policy. These policies help in meeting different personality and professional needs and take care of a healthy work-life balance for our fellow employees.

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