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In a shocking case of investor fraud, Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited (PACL), a real estate company, swindled more than Rs. 50,000 crores from unsuspecting investors. The promised land never materialized, leaving thousands of investors in distress. When the extent of this scam came to light, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Indian Government launched an investigation, leading to the involvement of the Justice R. M. Lodha Committee. The committee aimed to recover the entire amount by liquidating various scattered properties owned by PACL. This article explores the sources of funds recovery, SEBI’s refund efforts, and the current status of the refund process.

The Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited (PACL) investor fraud has had a significant impact on the Indian financial landscape. With over Rs. 50,000 crores at stake, investors were left in a state of uncertainty. This article delves into the details of the scam, the subsequent efforts by SEBI to recover funds, and the progress made in refunding the affected investors.

PACL Latest News

Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited (PACL) Scam Unveiled

PACL enticed investors with the promise of lucrative land deals, collecting a staggering amount of Rs. 50,000 crores from them. However, the investors never received the land they were promised. This scam shook the financial market and prompted an investigation by SEBI and the Indian Government to bring the perpetrators to justice.

SEBI’s intervention and Justice R.K. Participation of M. Lodha Committee

When the PACL scam came to light, SEBI took immediate action to protect the interest of the investors. Case Justice R. Lodha Committee, which was tasked with monitoring the recovery process. The committee invited claims from PACL investors and chalked out a strategy to recover the entire amount by selling scattered properties owned by PACL.

Sources of Funds Recovery

To expedite the recovery process, SEBI and the Lodha Committee explored various avenues for funds recovery. The following sources were instrumental in reclaiming a portion of the defrauded funds:

Recovery from PACL’s FDRs with Banks

SEBI managed to recover a substantial amount of Rs. 16,86,98,766 by targeting PACL’s Fixed Deposit Receipts (FDRs) held with 23 banks. This initiative ensured that a portion of the investors’ funds was restored.

Systematic Venture Capital Trust Recovery

A sum of Rs. 72,37,393 was collected from PACL hotels, aiding the recovery efforts. This recovery strategy helped in recouping funds from the company’s hotel assets.

Australian Properties and Sheraton Mirage Hotel

PACL’s presence in Australia also offered an opportunity for funds recovery. Through the sale of various scattered properties and the prestigious Sheraton Mirage Hotel in Gold Coast, Australia, SEBI generated an impressive sum of 100 million Australian Dollars (equivalent to approximately Rs. 523,14,20,000). The total worth of Australian properties and assets owned by Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited surpassed Rs. 1,400 crores.

SEBI Refunds for PACL Investors

SEBI recognized the plight of the defrauded investors and initiated the refund process. The refund was executed in multiple rounds, with each round catering to different claimants based on their eligible amount. Here are the details of the refund rounds:

  • First Round: 1,13,353 investors received Rs. 2,500 per claim.
  • Second Round: 2,77,544 investors received Rs. 5,000 per claim.
  • Third Round: 8,31,018 investors received up to Rs. 7,000 per claim, amounting to Rs. 204.85 crore in total.
  • Fourth Round: 12,00,000 investors received up to Rs. 10,000 per claim, surpassing Rs. 429 crore in total.
  • Fifth Round: 1,00,000 investors received up to Rs. 15,000 per claim.
  • Sixth Round: 1,14,933 investors received amounts ranging between Rs. 15,001 and Rs. 17,000 per claim.
  • As of now, SEBI has successfully refunded 19,61,690 eligible applications with outstanding amounts up to Rs. 17,000, aggregating to Rs. 919.91 crore.

SEBI’s Expected Recovery from PACL’s Australian Property

The Australian Federal Government has accepted SEBI’s petition for the sale of PACL’s property/assets in Australia. As a result, the properties have been sold, and SEBI is expected to receive approximately 270 million Australian Dollars or Rs. 1,412,48,34,000 in January 2019. This recovery will facilitate the initiation of the second round of refunds, giving hope to investors with claiming amounts exceeding Rs. 2,500.

Initiating the Next Round of Refunds

For the upcoming round of refunds, SEBI may request the remaining 5 crores investors to provide comprehensive details, similar to the claim application process for refunds up to Rs. 2,500. The refund application form is expected to be available on SEBI’s official website, enabling claimants to file their refund claims. With official communication from SEBI, the long wait for many investors will finally come to an end.

Pending Refunds and the Path Forward

While SEBI has made significant progress in refunding the affected investors, there is still a considerable number of investors awaiting their refunds. PACL’s extensive portfolio of acquired properties indicates the availability of ample funds (Rs. 8,500 crores) for refunding all PACL investors. The responsibility now lies with the Lodha Committee and SEBI to ensure a smooth refund process. Given the time taken to refund even the small amount claimants, investors with larger claims (over 4 crores) should prepare for a longer waiting period.


Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited (PACL) investor fraud is a reminder of the importance of investor protection and vigilant monitoring. While the scam caused considerable distress, the active involvement of SEBI and the efforts of the Lodha Committee have instilled hope among affected investors. With the successful recovery of funds from various sources and ongoing refund processes, the path to justice and compensation for defrauded investors is becoming clear.

PACL Latest News (FAQ)

How much money did Pearls Agrotech Corporation Limited (PACL) collect from investors?

PACL Rs. collected more than. 50,000 crores fraudulently from investors.

How is SEBI recovering money in PACL case?

SEBI has adopted various strategies to recover the money, including liquidation of PACL’s assets such as FDRs with banks, hotels and properties in Australia.

How many investors have been refunded by SEBI in PACL case?

SEBI has successfully returned 19,61,690 eligible applications with outstanding amount of up to Rs. 17,000, total Rs. 919.91 crores.

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