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Capgemini India Leave Policy: Capgemini Leave Policy [2023]

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Capgemini India Private Limited is an IT Services and Consulting Company registered in Mumbai, India. Capgemini brings its expertise in cloud computing, AI data, software development, digital engineering, platforms, and connectivity. The company has a total revenue of 18 billion euros and employs more than 350,000 people in more than 50 countries.

Capgemini India is a flagship company in that its employees get a good work-life balance and are also given the benefits of a variety of holidays. But Capgemini doesn’t divide holidays into different categories, Balki provides enough holidays for different reasons. In this article, we will talk about the leave policy of Capgemini India in detail and understand its types and benefits.

Capgemini India Leave Policy

Capgemini Public Holidays

Capgemini India offers at least ten public holidays, which may differ by location. Holidays may include Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja, Christmas and New Year’s Day. It is important to note that public holidays may be different for employees working in different states. Normally eight holidays are fixed, while two holidays are challenging. Employees cannot get eight non-elective holidays in lieu of any other holidays.

Week off in Capgemini

Capgemini often follows a five-day working model, with Saturdays and Sundays as weekly offs. But this and tomorrow’s offs pattern may change depending on the demand and location of the project. But it is important that there is no one at the end of the week.

Earned Leave Policy at Capgemini

Employees at Capgemini India are provided with 22 paid holidays each year called Earned Leave (ELS). Employees receive two ELS in the first ten months, while one EL in the remaining two months. In addition to statutory holidays, Capgemini employees are also provided with 6 days off to meet statutory requirements. Specialists are also allowed to carry forward 15 holidays to the next year, in which their holidays are not wasted.

Sick Leave Policy in Capgemini

Unlike many companies, Capgemini India does not provide separate sick leave for sick leave. Here the employees are advised to utilize their earned leave at the time of illness. Employees in entitlement companies receive a certain amount of earned vacation and separate sick leave. But Capgemini has simplified this nature and provided the facility of availing the holidays granted together. It is important to note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Capgemini has given seven days leave to the employees affected by Covid-19. When these are combined with the week off, it makes a total of 11 days off, which are automatically availed of to recuperate and quarantine.

Comp Offs in Capgemini

Recognizing the hard work of Capgemini employees, if an employee works on week offs or any other holiday, comp offs are provided to him/her. But the availability of comp-offs depends on the demand of the project and the decision of the manager.

Casual Leave Policy in Capgemini

Like sick leave, Capgemini does not offer separate Casual Leave (CL). Instead, employees can use their paid or earned leave for casual purposes. The company allows employees to avail of fixed holidays as well as holidays, which gives them an opportunity to enjoy important festivals. Capgemini offers Earned Leave and Privilege Leave (PL) at the beginning of the new year.

Maternity Leave Policy in Capgemini

Capgemini India fully understands the importance of supporting women employees during such a significant life event as pregnancy. The company provides 26 weeks of paid maternity leave to female employees, which is more than law enforcement. Apart from holidays, Capgemini also offers facilities like lactation rooms and flexi work options across pan India offices. The flexi work option allows employees to work from home or work working hours, but has limited hours. Women are also allowed to avail of contractual exemptions in case of assurance. Capgemini also offers a program called “Fair Welcome” to help its women employees return. The program helps women employees stay connected with peers and the organization and helps them return to work without any hassle.

Adoption Leave Policy in Capgemini

Capgemini employees can get an exemption of 60 calendar days if they adopt a child. To avail the leave benefit, the employee has to provide the birth certificate, law relationship with the new child and other relationship certificates. It is important to note that the adoption leave policy at Capgemini India is very different from the policy in the United States, where employees are entitled to 52 weeks of leave (26 paid + 26 unpaid), whether adopting a child, giving birth Ho Hon, Key Carer Hon, Partner Hon, etc.

Paternity Leave Policy in Capgemini

Only five days of paid paternity leave are provided to fathers in Capgemini India. They can combine it with their off week and thus get seven days off. According to the sources, apart from this no other unauthorized application can add holidays employee.

Capgemini Abortion Leave Policy

In case of accidents like abortion, the provisions of the Capgemini Maternity Benefit Act are followed. According to this Praveen, women employees get 6 weeks paid sabbatical in case of this tragic incident, which gives them time to recover from physical and mental pressure.

Experience Based Holidays at Capgemini

Capgemini understands the importance of experience of its employees and offers them a different discount policy. For example, for the first five years, employees get 15-17 paid holidays every year. After five years, this number can increase to 20-25 earned or paid vacations, as employees can earn more benefits based on their loyalty and dedication.

Lastly, Capgemini India offers a comprehensive full leave policy that provides ample number of relaxations to the employees to meet the personality and professionalism of the employees. While the number of holidays may be less than some other companies, the nature of Capgemini’s unique way in which holidays are carried forward and utilization is facilitated, makes it different. This ensures that employees have the chance to use their official exemptions without worrying about them being denied. The dedication of Capgemini employees towards work-life balance and their health is reflected in this holiday, which gives them an opportunity to strike a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.


The short policy of Capgemini India is designed to provide a positive work-life balance to the employees. The company offers various leave benefits such as public holidays, earned leave, compensation, maternity and adoption leave. This policy reflects the motivation of Capgemini employees to understand important life events and personality health. By striking a balance between work and personal life, Capgemini strives to create a positive and impactful work environment for its employees.

How many public holidays are provided in Capgemini India?

Capgemini India offers at least ten public holidays, which may differ depending on the location of the employees.

Are there separate sick leaves in Capgemini India?

No, Capgemini India does not provide individual sick leaves. Employees must use their earned leave for illness or medical.

Can employees carry forward their applied exemptions to the next year?

Yes, Capgemini India employees are allowed to carry forward 15 unused leaves to the next year.

For how many weeks paid maternity leave is provided in Capgemini India?

Capgemini India provides 26 weeks of paid maternity leave to women employees, which is more than law enforcement.

What is the Adoption Leave Policy in Capgemini India?

Capgemini India employees can get a grace period of 60 calendar days if they adopt a child, subject to the necessary documentation being provided.

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