TANGEDCO has broadened the cutoff time for covering bills by two days for that multitude of customers whose last date falls between November 24 and November 30.

 This comes after a few purchasers couldn't cover their bills because of issues over connecting thier Aadhar with their power administration numbers.

Peruse here to know how to connect TNEB and aadhar online on nsc.tnebtld.gov.in

The round said, "Subsequently, the augmentation of time for installment of LT CC (current utilization) charges 

for those customers whose due information falls between November 24 

and 30 will be accommodated two days from the particular due date in order 

to keep away from bother to the buyer while connecting Aadhaar on the last day for installment of CC charges. 

This expansion of time will be permitted to those classifications of customers who are expected to connect Aadhaar."

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