India's 6th Vande Bharat Express train was hailed off by State head Narendra Modi from Nagpur on Sunday, 11 December. 

   Discussing the occasion, Saket Ranjan, Boss Advertising Official, South East Focal Rail route said, 

    "This is the main train running at 130 kmph in the district.

  Aside from being the main Vande Bharat train between the two It is said that its greatest component is its inside plan

 which resembles a full plane and the entire train is furnished with armor.It can run at a most extreme speed of 160, however our greatest speed is 130.

  The new Vande Bharat Express will be running at a speed of 130 to 160 kilometers each hour.

  The new Vande Bharat Express will have 16 seat vehicle mentors made of steel, having a seating limit of 1128 individuals.

  Then again, the train will likewise have versatile charging, Li-fi, cooling in every one of the seats and CCTV cameras

   The train, created by the Essential Mentor Industrial facility (ICF), Chennai, has a smart stopping mechanism