The new Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara will be unveiled on July 20.

While the AllGrip technology will make its debut in India with the Grand Vitara,

The AWD setup is already available in a number of models sold by the carmaker in the international markets.

The broad classification of this technology is Allgrip Auto, Allgrip Select and Allgrip Pro.

Starting with AllGrip Auto, as the name suggests,

models equipped with this technology are primarily front-wheel-drive cars.

The AllGrip Select Mode gives drivers control in four drive modes - Auto, Snow, Lock and Sport.

It distributes power in a roughly 50:50 ratio between the front and rear wheels to aid in clearance.

The driver is able to choose between four-wheel-drive high (4H) and four-wheel-drive low (4L).

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