Actors Sunny Leone and Dharsha Gupta were recently present at the audio launch of their Tamil film 'Oh My Ghost'.

Co-actor Satish, who shared the stage with the two women, compared their outfits, which did not go down well with many on social media.

Sunny Leone is from Mumbai for this event and see how she is dressed (in saree)

But look at the other lady (Dhara Gupta), who is from Coimbatore, and see what she is wearing.

Singer Chinmayi Sripada also took to Twitter and slammed the actor for his comment.

She wrote, "I mean - to really *point* on a woman and mass mob demands by a man on a woman who doesn't dress according to the culture.

'Oh My Ghost' is a horror comedy starring Sunny Leone. She plays a queen named Mayasena. It also shows him ghosts.

Talking about the film, Sunny had earlier said: "It (the film) is scary in some parts and so funny in others. I think it's such a clever combination.

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